A Watercooler Wednesday entry:

So I need your help with something. Recently, I’ve been struggling with the idea of the “Sabbath”. I think this is a spiritual discipline I have ignored for most of my adult life. I have always blamed it on the fact that I work on Sundays, but I know that’s just a lame excuse.

On my way to Atlanta yesterday I was reading a book entitled “Revolution of Character” by Dallas Willard. He said….

“When we come to the place where we can joyously do no work, it will be because God is so exalted in our mind and body that we can trust him with our life and our world, and we can take our hands off them.”

Internalizing this quote made me realize that I have more work to do then I thought. To really practice the “Sabbath” I have to get to a place where I begin to let go of my tendencies to take control, achieve, produce, and attain gratification.

So let me ask you a question. Have you found a way to really trust Him with your life and world and take your hands off both?

seeking rest,