Walk in the dark

Years ago I heard Andy Stanley say “Leadership is a walk in the dark.”¬† So true.

Can I be honest for a minute. I’m so in over my stinking head these days. There are certain days I feel so lost I question my every move. Now don’t read into this. I’m not having a personal breakdown or anything, I just happen to realize I’m in completely uncharted territory. Leadership may be a walk in the dark, but it feels more like a run through a dark forest these days for me.

And I bet I’m not alone. I bet many of you are leading in churches or organizations or families where you’re…

Making decisions you’ve never made before.

Being criticized more frequently than before.

Facing situations you’ve never seen before.

Moving faster than you’ve ever moved before.

Risking more than  you ever have before.

And you’re doing all of this in the dark. Welcome to leadership. It takes a tremendous amount of courage. Here’s two things God’s placed on my heart lately as I walk in the dark.

1) The dark is a lot more bearable when you’re with a team.

Someone once told me leadership is extremely lonely. I understand their point, but I don’t think it has to be as lonely as we make it out to be sometimes. I was reminded this past weekend at our Cross Point annual board and elder leadership retreat how blessed I am to be able to lock arms with a group of leaders who want to walk into the darkness of the future with me. The dark can still be scary, but I have more courage moving forward with a team.

2) Learn to appreciate the darkness.

If it wasn’t dark you wouldn’t be needed. If the future of your church or organization was well lit they wouldn’t need to follow you. They would just go there. The darkness is why you have a job.

Can anyone else identify with this?