The more I learn about Compassion and the work they do the more impressed I am. On our way to the first Compassion project Shaun explained Compassion International is three things: church-based, child-focused and Christ-centered.

Today I saw first-hand how that very mission statement is changing lives!

We visited the Mar Thoma Child Development Center which works with 300 kids. It’s amazing what they’re doing here with these kids. It’s clear they are developing them socially, economically, academically and spiritually. All of these things are made possible because of the generous child sponsors like yourselves.

I personally witnessed how your $32 a month can make such a difference not only in the life of the child you sponsor, but in the entire family.

The highlight of my day was my time spent with Subham Pramanik. Subham, who is 7, reminded me so much of my son, Jett. His family has been through so much but has hope because of the education and health development their son is getting through Compassion. I had the opportunity to visit and pray with this remarkable family which is surviving in the most difficult of situations. Please keep them in your prayers.

Here’s the good news. Some 225 kids are currently being sponsored through this project. However that still leaves 70 UN-SPONSORED KIDS. These children need our help.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child from India CLICK HERE. You can browse through a multitude of kids who need our help.

Here’s a little video of the kids from our time at the project today. You’ll love the parade they gave us as we walked into the project…

Mar Thoma Child Development Center from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.