For years now I’ve pictured my heart as a bucket. As I go through life and interact with people and certain circumstances I seem to pour a little of my heart out. Over time I notice that my bucket, or my heart, seems to get a little empty.

I become….

short with people

There are various spiritual practices I’ve developed to help me fill my bucket. One of those is worship.

Some of my sweetest moments of worship are in the car. I turn up a worship song, open my heart and mind to God and allow him to fill up my heart with His truth, love and grace. It’s essential for me if I want to be the man I believe God has called me to be.

Over the years God has used Hillsong’s worship to fill my heart again and again and again. Faith+Hope+Love, Hillsong’s latest live worship album, releases NEXT TUESDAY. Every track on the album has been filling up my bucket the last few weeks and I know it will do the same for you.

As a gift to you today, here’s your chance to slow down and allow God to speak to you. Take a minute and enjoy the world premiere of “We Will See Him” off of Hillsong’s new album.

We Will See Him from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.

You can jump HERE if you want to pre-order the CD.

You can also visit Carlos, Tony, or Ben if you want to see a few other videos from the album or check out Fred’s blog tomorrow for the final release.