Yesterday at the Cross Point Nashville campus we continued our DNA series by talking about three phrases which sum up the kind of community Jesus created while on earth.  At Cross Point we believe this kind of community is still possible today. Messy? Very. Difficult? Absolutely. But we refuse to settle for anything less than…


Jesus modeled a community for us where everyone’s welcome. He would welcome, love, accept, embrace, and include anybody who came up to Him. It didn’t matter—prostitutes, Samaritans, tax collectors, Gentiles, lepers, or sinners. We dream of a church where people, even if they don’t agree with everything we believe yet and even if they don’t understand everything we teach yet, can discover a place where they are welcome “as they are.”


Jesus helped us understand we’re all equally in need of the forgiveness of Christ. Because of this there is no need for any sense of spiritual superiority. We dream of creating a community at Cross Point where there is no need for hiding, no need for reputation building, no need to impress anybody because we are all sinners, saved and living by grace.


Jesus continually chose to believe the best in people. He looked at people like Peter, who was inconsistent, unpredictable, and shaky in his faith at times, and still chose to believe that transformation could happen. Likewise, as Christians we’re called to believe the best in all people. We’re called to look one another in the eyes and see the men and women that we can become through the power of Jesus Christ.

Here’s my question. Which one of these three elements of community is most difficult for you to practice with others? Why?