So, there’s a new app out called “TigerText”. They say it’s perfect for cheating spouses, shady politicians, sexting teens, and people who send a lot of stupid texts while drunk.  According to Time Magazine

It works like this: when, say, a prominent politician sends his mistress an iPhone message via TigerText, the mistress will be prompted to install the app. When she has done so, she can read the message, but she can’t keep it. In fact, the message is never actually sent to her phone; it’s stored on TigerText’s servers. After the politician’s specified time span has elapsed — anywhere from one minute to five days — the message ceases to exist. There’s even a “delete on read” setting, which counts down from 60 after a message is opened and erases its text at zero.

For those who need an even more comprehensive way to cover their tracks, the “delete history” option will wipe away any evidence of a given phone call. No telltale suspicious numbers, no chance of getting caught out by the old “press redial” routine.

I’m often shocked at my arrogance in thinking I can get away with certain things. I’ve seen how certain sins have impacted others but…

I think: I know they got caught, but I’m smarter.

I think: I know they couldn’t handle it, but I’m stronger.

I think: I know it destroyed them, but I won’t let it go that far.

Then I’m reminded of these words in Galatians 6:7.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

I’ve got some pretty amazing apps on my iPhone, but there is no app that erases that truth.