The term “breaking up is hard to do” has never been more true than when you’re leaving a church. As you can imagine this can be a sensitive topic for those of us who are pastors. I mean, I get it.

Sometimes you should leave.

Sometimes you need to leave.

Sometimes we want you to leave. 🙂

Seriously, as a pastor, it still stings a little bit every time someone leaves our church regardless of how large the church gets or how good their reasons are for leaving.  And somehow I’m guessing it’s not easy if you’re the one having to walk away. Especially if it’s a church you’ve been at for sometime.

I read THIS interesting article on about the process of leaving a church. The author listed several questions to ponder when leaving a church…

•    Is there anything I can do to change the situation?

•    Have I fully communicated my frustrations with someone in leadership?

•    Is this really God’s prompting?

•    Is my current situation unhealthy?

•    How can I “leave with grace?”

•    What options do I have for spiritual community elsewhere if I do move on?

So what do you think… How do you know when it’s time to leave a church? How do you leave with grace?