If you’ve been watching the news you probably have a pretty good idea of the devastating floods we’ve experienced here in Nashville over the weekend. I’ve been here my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like this!! There are entire subdivisions submerged underwater. Check out this video CNN showed that illustrates the power of this Nashville Flood.

We literally have dozens of families in our church who either have lost or are dangerously close to losing everything and hundreds more who are going to have serious damage from these devastating floods.

We’ve closed all of our Cross Point offices for tomorrow and are encouraging our staff to help with local flood relief.

If you can make it please feel free to join us. We’re going to meet at the Bellevue Campus at 10 AM to divide into teams and start helping with clean up.

If you can make it please bring a broom, shovel or anything else you can think of that might be helpful in our clean up efforts.

For those of you around the country who have asked how you might help we’ve set up a special FLOOD FUND where you or your church can make a donation. Many of our families who are losing everything DO NOT have flood insurance. Any donation will be extremely helpful as we try to help our families put their lives back together.