Our teams spent another day (day 4)  out amongst the flooded homes of Nashville ripping up carpet, cutting out drywall and helping clean up. We ran into a contractor who was actually charging $8,000 to do what one of our teams is doing for FREE in about two hours.

In another crazy set of circumstances I got to sit down with Anderson Cooper on the set of his show for a quick dinner over pizza as we talked about flooding, importance of volunteerism, social media, and life.


No! We did not coordinate our outfits. 🙂

Most profound statement he said to me came after I asked him, “How is it that you live in such crisis every day?  You go from one painful event to the next and the next and the next.” He said. “Pete, when you’ve experienced as much pain as I have you actually become more comfortable being with people who are also in pain. At least they’re real. No masks.”  Interesting. Might have to explore that further one day. He mentioned the Tennessee Flood Fund we started on his show last night and we’re praying it will generate some much needed financial assistance for those suffering major setbacks here in Nashville.

Love this short video  Matt Singleton put together. It still gives me chills to think we were riding on a boat through the neighborhoods of Nashville.

Have I told you lately how proud I am of you Cross Point!! It’s amazing how you guys keep going. You’re kicking exhaustion and sleep depravity in the teeth and I love it. You’re making a difference. Keep it up. Today is our last weekday to be out in the streets and it all culminates Saturday with a MASSIVE serving Saturday starting at 9:00 a.m.

I’m praying for 2,000 volunteers to show up!! You won’t want to miss being part of the day that Cross Point rises up and impacts this city by loving on our neighbors. On Saturday you can either go to the Belleuvue campus or the Nashville campus. You choose. See you there at 9 a.m. For any help, or further directions, you can always go to crosspoint.tv for more information.