I was tipped off a couple of weeks ago that a particular religious group was going to be picketing at our Cross Point Nashville campus. I’m not going to link the group or give them any extra attention (which I believe is what they’re really seeking) but this group is known for showing up at churches, religious organizations, and funerals of service men with picket signs. I don’t know any other way to describe them but as religious bigots.

They didn’t show that Sunday. They did come to Nashville as expected but stopped at another church. There was a part of me that was really looking forward to confronting them. I’ve rehearsed my speech to them in my head over and over.

I remember hearing Matt Chandler say, “We must be gracious to the grace killers.”

I honestly hate that.

Grace to sinners? Yep.

Grace to screw ups? No problem.

Grace to self righteous, pride filled, judgmental types? Ummmmmm, not so quick.

The problem is if you don’t extend grace to the grace killers….well…. you are them.