This is an exciting week. I’ll be in Atlanta, Dallas and Knoxville in the next 48 hours. It’s a finish line of sorts as I’m wrapping up what has been a crazy four months of travel. I’ve learned in ministry there are very few finish lines. The works is never done. There’s always more people to meet with…more meetings to attend…more messages to be written…more conferences to speak at.

That’s why a couple years ago I started making up my own finish lines. I break my schedule up into chunks so I can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After this week I switch gears and my extra time will be focused on finishing up my next book which is due in June (another finish line I’m looking forward to). Wow! I’ve got a lot of work ahead. Time for serious writing mode.

So if you’re around any of the following places over the next two days I would love to catch up with you!!

I’ll be speaking at the Whiteboard Sessions in Atlanta Wednesday morning. Looking forward to being with some good friends like this guy and can’t wait to hear Jenni Speak.

Wednesday afternoon I’ll be speaking in Dallas at the Catalyst Conference. It’s their first time in Dallas and I can’t wait to see how God’s going to move through our time there.

Thursday afternoon I’ll be in Knoxville at Faith Promise for the LIT conference. So proud of Pastor Chris and his entire team for putting together such an amazing conference.

*I’m also praying for my wife, Brandi. This is a huge week for her and the entire Leading and Loving It team as they put their first retreat together for pastors’ wives. They sold out their first year!! Today some 150 women converge in Nashville for a couple days of encouragement, laughter,  and an all around good time.