I’ve already stated that I’m on the Tebow bandwagon. How could you not love this guy? His latest comeback victory and some crazy stats have the world abuzz.

Glen Levy wrote

Tebow threw for exactly 316 yards in the 29-23 upset win, presenting an eerie allusion to the Bible’s John 3: 16 passage — whose number Tebow famously wore in the black under his eyes when he led the Florida Gators to victory in the 2009 collegiate national championship game. What’s more, that event took place exactly three years ago on the same day as his latest miracle comeback. And that wasn’t it for the coincidences: Tebow set an NFL playoff record with, you guessed it, 31.6 yards per completion and the TV rating on CBS peaked between 8.00-8.15pm ET with a rating of, say it ain’t so, 31.6.

Hey, I’m not someone who likes to over spiritualize stuff, but aren’t those numbers CRAZY. Does this mean anything? Probably not, but if God had anything to do with this he’s got one heck of a sense of humor.

So what do you say? Coincidence or not?