I read yesterday that officials in Louisiana are attempting to ban the wearing of pajamas in public. And I was just getting ready to institute a “Pajamas Sunday” at Cross Point.

It seems all of my innovative ideas have been ruled “illegal” as of late. 🙂

Now, I will confess that I did recently go out in public in my favorite flannel pajamas (a bit more tasteful than the ninja monkey pajamas illustrated above). I was with my family getting ready for the long drive back from Toledo, Ohio. It’s our family tradition that on long road trips we like to wear our pajamas to make what’s otherwise an excruciatingly long road trip a bit more comfortable.

On our way home I decided to visit a local department store that was having a killer sale on Christmas decorations. I can’t verify it, but I did seem to make the visit in said pajamas without any official complaints being made. However, I don’t plan on making this a habit.

Okay, confession time. Do you ever wear your pajamas in public? No need to post pictures, thank you very much.