Time Magazine just released their Best Invention of 2012. In this article they list their favorite 26 inventions that are going to change the way we live and play.

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Here my favorite top 3.


1. LiquiGlide

Five MIT students and their professor Kripa Varanasi have come up with a way to make a surface that anything will slide off—from ketchup out of bottles to ice off airplane wings. The plant-based product adds a microscopic slippery coating to almost any material—glass, ceramic, metal or plastic.

I’m so excited about this. Do you know how much time and energy I’ve wasted getting ketchup to come out of the bottle????



2. Self-Inflating Tires
As soon as the pressure in these Goodyear tires (which don’t have an official retail price yet) gets too low, they know it. An internal pressure regulator opens to allow air to flow into a pumping tube, and as the wheel turns, the flattened part helps squeeze air from the tube through an inlet valve into the tire. Once the air pressure hits an optimal level, the regulator closes—all without the driver’s realizing anything was wrong.
I don’t think I’ve ever checked my tire pressure one single time unless my tire was absolutely flat, so I need all the help I can get.
3. Wingsuit Racing

Flying humans wearing batlike suits competed in October in the first ever Wingsuit Flying World Championship in China. Participants descended from 5,000-ft. (1,500 m) cliffs, glided through a valley course and eventually parachuted down, covering about 3⁄4 of a mile (more than a kilometer) in about 30 seconds. The winner: South African Julian Boulle—one of just 20 people currently qualified to compete—who finished in 23.41 sec., a world record.

Yes Please!! Now I know what I’m asking Santa to bring me this year!
What’s one invention we don’t have yet that would make your life easier or more fun?