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e been in Toledo, Ohio visiting with my grandparents for Thanksgiving. I’ve got such fond memories of being here for holidays and a few weeks each summer of my childhood. Driving through these neighborhoods brings back a rush of incredibly fun adventures we had here as kids.

I realize I’ve got many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for God’s grace,

I’m thankful for our church, Cross Point.

I’m thankful for the staff I get to serve with.

I’m thankful you continue to read this blog.

I could go on and on….

However as I spent time with my grandparents the past few days I was reminded of just what a gift that is. I realize how blessed I am to still have my Grandma and Grandpa Graham with us.

The older I get the more I understand what an incredible spiritual blessing it was, and is, to have grandparents who modeled faithful marital relationships, following Christ at all costs, and not being afraid of hard work. Being allowed to dip into those deep wells of wisdom and be shaped by those habits is simply priceless.

So this year I’ll cherish our time around the turkey, the late night games of rummikub, and their stories I’ve probably heard a few times but may not forever get to hear from their mouths.

Where are you and what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?