Pete and Brewer Wilson

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. That’s Brewer, my youngest, when he was just three.   He didn’t want daddy’s help to cross the bridge that day. He slowly, calculating every step, moved across the bridge. I could hear the fear in his breathing pattern. He was shaky, yet determined, to make it across. What he didn’t know is that at no time was he in any real danger. I was right there ready to snatch him should he start to fall.

Now fast forward to this past weekend. Brewer is now 6 and guess what? He still loves hiking in the woods and wants to walk across any make-shift bridge he can find. The only difference is the heights get higher and the risk gets greater.  And guess what? I still love letting him take risks as long as I’m right there with him. Check this out.

I can’t look at this picture or watch this video without thinking about my relationship with God. Life feels like one long bridge at times. Shaky, a little unstable, and I’m always having to fight the fear that I’m going to stumble and fall.  And the older I get I feel like the risks and steps of faith God calls me to take are more difficult because there’s more at stake.

Let’s just be honest here. Time and time again in your life you’re going to feel as if God isn’t showing up. You’re going to feel as if God isn’t healing, He isn’t restoring, He isn’t releasing His mighty power. You’re going to feel like He doesn’t know or care and you’ve been completely abandoned on the bridge.

Do you know what the most frequently stated promise from God in Scripture is? God promises us over and over, “I am with you.”

You may feel all alone, but please know you’re not. Despite your feelings He’s right there with you.