So proud of my friend and colleague @jennicatron on the release of her first book. She lives this book out!!

It’s an incredible honor for me to introduce you guys to an incredible book that’s releasing TODAY!! It’s called “Just Lead!” and it’s written by two of the most incredible leaders I know. Both Jenni Catron and Sherry Surratt have poured years of experience and wisdom into this book.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Jenni for almost 8 years as she serves as the Executive Director here at Cross Point Church. She leads the staff and oversees the ministry of five campuses.  Jenni is not just a great female leader. She’s a great leader. Period.

When I pick up a leadership book I want to know that it’s been written by a practitioner. I know for a fact that Jenni practices what she preaches in this book and if you do to, you’ll be a better leader. I did a Q & A with Jenni below which will give you a better idea of who the books for, what it’s about, and why they wrote it.

Congrats Jenni and Sherry. We love you guys and are super proud of this incredible resource the two of you have offered women all around world.

You can (and should) pick up your copy RIGHT HERE


Surratt_Just Lead_CoverWhat do you think is the greatest leadership lesson that you’ve learned in the past 5 years?

Wow, that’s difficult to say because I feel like there is so much. I think the thing that stands out is the idea that you’re never really fully prepared to lead. I think for a long time I assumed there would come a day when I would feel mature enough, old enough, secure enough, and confident enough to be a great leader, but I’m learning that leadership is a continuous journey. We are constantly growing and experiencing new opportunities that stretch our leadership capacities. The danger in thinking that we’ll one day be fully equipped to lead can cause us to miss the opportunities we have to lead now. So often we fixate on bigger opportunities or leadership seats that we aspire to and we miss out on the opportunity to lead where we are. The people in our circle of influence need us to lead them well now.

What inspired you and Sherry to write this book?

Since the day we met, Sherry and I have shared a deep love for encouraging other women leaders. We both are frequently sought out for conversations about how to lead well as women. What we discovered was that there were very few resources available for us to recommend to help women navigate some of the unique challenges they face. This book was a way to put our stories on paper. It’s what we would share if we could sit down one-on-one with each of them.

I know the book was primarily written for women, but do you think there’s an advantage for male leaders like myself to read this book?

Yes, I really do for two reasons. First, many of the issues we discuss in the book – loneliness, fear, insecurity, criticism, pride, indecision, and communication – are issues both genders deal with. While the stories may be more specifically geared towards women, our approach to the topic may give you a new lens from which to view the issue. Second, your willingness to hear how women have navigated the hurdles of leadership may give you some insight into how you can best serve and equip the women on your team.

Do you have a favorite chapter in this book? If so, why?

Oh, that’s tough. Chapter 9 “Overcoming the Communication Barrier” may be my favorite. Communication is so complicated but so essential for leaders. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “everything rises or falls on leadership.” I would add to that and say, “If everything rises or falls on leadership, leadership rises or falls on communication.” Mastering the art of communication is essential for great leadership, but it might be one of the toughest challenges we face, particularly in a culture that is complicated by the variety of methods and the speed of today’s communication channels.

What is the most important distinction for people to know about male leaders and female leaders?

I think the most important distinction is that there really isn’t much distinction between them. Too often I think we make things about gender that have very little to do with gender. All of us have unique gifts, talents, experiences and personalities that shape our leadership. Collectively our gifts are essential to do God’s work. The focus is really less about gender and more on the gifts that we bring to the team. Yes, we are different. Women generally are more intuitive and nurturing, while men are generally more decisive and assertive, all of which are extremely important to a team. We have differences but we have far more similarities. We need to quit seeing hurdles and start running relays, working together to do what God’s called us to – to just lead!