I’m amazed at how often I forget this basic principle of human nature.


Which people? Most all of them (me included).

What kind of change? Most all of it.

In my early years of leadership I used to think that people wouldn’t mind change if it was somehow bettering their lives or advancing the organization in a healthy way.

I was wrong. Good change is still change.

While nothing really makes people love change I’m learning there are a few things that help take the sting away.

1) Always tie change to vision. If you can’t do this you must question why you’re making the change in the first place.

2) Attempt to invite people as early as possible into the process. The more input they have on the decision, the more likely they are to readily accept it.

3) Paint a clear picture for why the change is necessary. If you can’t, then maybe it’s not.

What are you learning about leading through and communicating change?