A while back I had lunch with an amazing guy. If I mentioned his name no doubt every one of you would know of him. He’s quite the accomplished singer and songwriter and to the bewilderment of many of his fans and the industry he walked away from it all at the peak of his career.


Because he was living a lie.

His career had pushed him into a place where he was chronically dissatisfied with the life he was forced to live. It wasn’t true to the way he had been wired by his Creator.

You know we talk a lot about the importance of knowing who you are. And I agree, this is vitally important. But I also think it’s equally important to know who you’re not.

I think it’s painfullly obvious that way too many Christian are attempting to live a life that is not true to who they are.

Introverts trying to be the life of the party.
Extroverts trying to go on week long trips in solitude and expecting to be “filled” up.

Unfortunately, often in churches we expect everyone to be the same, grow the same, and look the same. Sometimes in churches we forget about the uniqueness of each soul.

There is so much I don’t understand about life and spiritual growth, but I do know souls don’t develop in cookie-cutter fashion and churches were never intended to become factories which crank out people who would be at the same place at the same time.

I want to reserve today’s comments to one word.

Fill in the blank.

I am not ___________________.

Mine? I am not a journaler.

One word. Go.