Hey guys! I’ve asked Tammy Hodge, wife to our Franklin Campus Pastor, Brent Hodge, to share part of her story today. Tammy has an unbelievable testimony and I’m excited for her to share it with you today.


My cat…NO, NO…come back! I know this is the blog of the worlds biggest cat non-lover (hate is a big word but let’s be honest here…) But you don’t have to like cats to read the rest of this – I promise! As I was saying…

My cat and I were playing the other day and he left me with a small scratch on the top of my right hand. Small, but deep enough that it had scabbed over. Each time I washed my hands or put lotion on I would feel the scab. As each day passed the less tender the scab felt. I was no longer being as gentle with it. Eventually, it didn’t hurt at all. And when my scabs stop hurting I tend to pick at them. Gross, I know.

I have since demolished the scab and now it looks like a scar. Again, gross. The offensive layer has been stripped away leaving only a small mark as a reminder of my cats beautiful and gentle presence.

Life. Isn’t this just like life? We get hurt, abused, humiliated, not noticed, offended, ignored, assaulted. We study the hurt. We keep track of it. We acknowledge it and notice when certain elements and circumstances aggravate it. We wait for it to pass hoping, in time, it will heal. When outside sources no longer bother or notice it we pick at it. We uncover it. We reveal it once again. It’s like we want to make sure it’s still there.

Why do we do that? Maybe it’s just me. It’s almost…comfortable.

My book And Now I Choose is a collection of my scars. I have scars from abortions. I have scars from suicide. I have scars from physical abuse…I still see them on my left arm and my stomach. But, these scars no longer haunt me. Instead, I have chosen to let them heal. Each time I look at them I am reminded of how far I have come. These scars have made me stronger – they remind me of what I’m capable of. They remind me that I am bigger than a mark on my skin.