I think one of the greatest things we struggle with on a daily basis is this overwhelming spirit of fear.


We have a fear of…


-public failure


-being abandoned or forgotten

-our dreams not being fulfilled


I bet if you asked your congregation if they struggle with some kind of fear, every single hand would be raised. About a month ago, my book, What Keeps You Up At Night, released, and it deals with this very topic. We all have fears, especially when we’re chasing our God-given dreams, but I think it’s important to distinguish that we don’t have a fear problem, we have a faith problem. Instead of focusing on how to avoid fear, we need to learn how to trust God more.

This is a message I believe a lot of us need to be reminded of, which is why I’m excited to offer your church all the resources you need to be able to share this sermon series, FOR FREE! I know how much time and effort it takes to prepare a series that is new and challenging, so I’d like to serve you by making this as easy as possible. It will include everything from all four sermon manuscripts, videos, graphics, and more. You can use as much of it or as little as you want. It’s totally up to you!

If you’d like to take a look at the sermon manuscripts, as well as the rest of the free resources, click here.

My hope for you and your church during this series is that you will be able to guide people into having the courage it takes to take those steps of faith that are outside of their comfort zones, and walk directly into the plans that God has for their lives.