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Are you exhausted from trying to keep up? I wish I just didn’t know where they went on vacation. I wish I just didn’t know who they went out with Friday night. Social media can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but seeing someone else’s highlight reel makes us think that they’ve got it all together, all the time. That everything is going just perfectly for them.

Did any of these people post any of the updates with the intent of making me feel bad?  Of course not. But if I’m not careful, it’s terribly easy to view my social media streams as a constant reminder of…

–       all the stuff I’m not doing,

–       dreams I’m not fulfilling,

–       and rooms I’ve failed to decorate in a Pinterest-worthy manner.

In our comparison-soaked culture, it’s hard to avoid looking around at what other people are doing with their short time on earth, and slipping (often subconsciously) into “How am I stacking up?”

This isn’t a social media problem. It’s a comparison problem.