This is one of the most difficult things we’ve ever communicated and we realize this will be difficult for many of you to read. After 20 years of marriage we find ourselves at a place we never imagined we’d be. No one ever walks down the aisle thinking that their marriage may one day end in a divorce, but that’s exactly where we find ourselves.

Those of you who have personally experienced divorce know just how painful this process is. It’s devastating and heartbreaking to those going through it, as well as those close to the couple. And when your lives are in Christian ministry it certainly adds an additional layer of complexity.

We are doing our best to navigate this painful situation with as much grace as we possibly can. Our current focus is on co-parenting our three boys and making this difficult transition as healthy as we can for them.

We covet your continued prayers and humbly ask for our privacy as we work through this very personal matter. We’ve made a decision that for the health of our family this will be our only public statement regarding our divorce.

Brandi Wilson and Pete Wilson