A few of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted recently on my social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. I really wasn’t going to say anything about it but, after having several people reach out to ask what was up, I decided to tell you a little more.

It’s as simple as, I’m taking a break. Forever? Probably not. Could be a few months or maybe longer. I’m not putting an exact timeline on it.  

A few weeks ago, I started to ask some questions in my life about what’s “the best for me”. I want to be clear and say that I don’t believe the social media debate is a right or wrong debate for my life. It’s just a what’s best for my life right now- and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

So what’s best…

For my soul?

You know, just like many of you, sometimes social media is the catalyst of jealousy, anger and hurt feelings. It’s embarrassing to admit how often I’d see something or read a comment and allow it to control my mood- both good and bad  And beyond those issues, the reality is that I’ve used social media for some time as a numbing agent. Anytime I had a free moment, I’d reach for my phone and distract myself (this is exactly why I’m taking email off my phone as well). I’m excited to see what I think about or what I dream up when my mind is given a little space. I’m excited to see what I may hear, from God, and others when my mind is more focused and less distracted.

For my parenting?

My kids have grown up having so many of our “family moments” shared with thousands. I don’t know if this has had any impact on them- they certainly haven’t asked me not to. But I’d like them to have a season with me where there is no doubt that our “moments” are truly just for us and not everyone who is watching. I want to capture a photo for the purpose of cherishing it for myself as a memory in time, not one I hope will get likes. I don’t think this is something everyone struggles with, but for this season- I want to try it out.

For my friendships?

I can’t count the number of times in the past few months where I’ve spent a handful of moments catching up with friends, just for us to all casually transition into grabbing our phones and thumbing through Instagram to see what’s going on. I want more time where the only thing I’m concerned about is the person sitting across from me. To be the friend I think I’m called to be, I need a few less distractions.

Bottom line: God is doing some really cool things in my life right now and I want to make sure I don’t miss it. I’m convinced more than ever before that God is not through with me, but I honestly, for the life of me, can’t figure out what is next in this chapter. So I need to quiet the noise. I’ve got to get this next chapter right and hear from Him clearly.

I’ll continue to blog right here as God puts things on my heart that I want to share. If you want those thoughts and devotions delivered right to your inbox just sign up below.

Let the social media break…begin (or actually continue).