There’s a certain “wall” these days that gets quite a bit of attention. People debate whether this wall is a good thing or a bad thing. They disagree over who’s going to pay for the wall. They fight about whether this wall will actually be effective or not. The list goes on.

And debating that “wall” is no doubt an important conversation. But I want to start a conversation about another “wall”. This is an invisible wall. An invisible wall that has done a tremendous amount of damage for thousands of years.

Let me explain.

Many people believe that there are the sacred and the secular, and there’s a wall that divides these two things. On one side of the wall you talk one way, and on the other side of the wall you talk another. On one side of the wall you have a certain set of values, and on the other side you have another set of values.

There exists this misconception that somehow the things that happen over on the “sacred side” are the things that really matter. These are the people that God has somehow set aside to do His work or His ministry.

This invisible wall has given us tremendous trouble.

You don’t get a larger slice of the pie for being a pastor than being an accountant. You’re saying Pete, that God can be just as happy with me being an accountant as He would be if I were a pastor? Absolutely.

And some of you get up every day, and because you think “what you do” doesn’t really have an eternal impact, you think that your life really is not bearing any weight on the Kingdom of God.

Now that I’m no longer pastoring a church, I’ll have people stop me or email me and ask if I’m ever going to go back into ministry. I understand what they’re asking, but my perspective is that while I stepped down from pastoring, I never stepped down from ministry.

The reality is, I’m doing some of the best ministry of my life right now.

  • Guiding my boys.
  • Loving my neighbors.
  • Serving the overlooked.
  • Encouraging and coaching pastors behind the scenes.

You see, there really is no wall. You don’t get more points for being a missionary than being a mother. A worship leader versus a salon owner, or an evangelist over owning an art gallery. Whatever you do… just do that. But do it in a way that your love for God and love for people oozes out of you. That, my friends, is ministry.