If you’ve been around me much at all in the past few years, you’ve probably heard me use the phrase, “Everyone needs a Bob.” When your world falls apart, and you disappoint just about everyone in your life, “You need a Bob.” Let me explain.

Very few people have ever taught me more about unconditional love than Bob Goff. I used to hear some of his stories of love from other friends and secretly think to myself…there’s no way this guy really loves like this. And then about five years ago, I met him. And you know what? He actually does and it inspires the heck out of me.

When things in my life fell apart, Bob was one of the first who reached out, and to this day he’s continuously pursued me with his love—breathing renewed hope into my life.

I’m currently reading his new book, Everybody Always (which comes out in a few weeks), and it’s blowing my mind. This story he tells in the book reminded me again of the kind of person I want to be.

He tells the story of attending a class to get his skydiving license. The instructor describes what happens if your parachute doesn’t open on the way down.

The instructor said:

“Hitting the ground isn’t what kills you. Every bone in your body will break, of course. But after you hit the ground, you’ll bounce–and it’s the second time you hit that kills you as the broken bones puncture all your organs.”

After admitting just how graphic that sounds, Bob goes on to write:

“What is true of skydiving is true in our lives. It’s usually not the initial failure that takes any of us out; it’s the bounce. We’ve all hit the ground hard at work or in a relationship or with a big ambition. Whether we had a big public failure or even a big private one, the initial failure won’t crush our spirit or kill our faith; it’s the second hit that does. The second hit is what follows when things go massively wrong or we fail big, and the people we thought would rush to us create distance instead. They express disapproval or treat us with polite indifference.

If we want to be like Jesus, here’s our simple and courageous job; Catch people on the bounce. When they mess up, reach out to them with love and acceptance the way Jesus did. When they hit hard, run to them with your arms wide open to hug them even harder. God wants to be with them when they mess up, and He wants us to participate.”

I just love this. It’s so stinking inspiring. And this is exactly what I want the rest of my life and ministry to be about. I’ve found my niche. I want to catch people on the bounce!! I want to run toward them when everyone else is running away.

And if you want to be inspired in a million other ways to become love in your life, then pick up this book now!