Redneck Sledding

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If you’re new to Without Wax let me introduce you to Redneck Sledding and my really cool hat. Don’t make fun, you know you want one. No telling what had Read the Post

The Best Of 2010

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As we begin to approach the end of 2010, (hasn’t this been an amazing year?) I thought I would do a series of posts entitled “The Best of 2010.” For Read the Post

Video Magic

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I love making videos. I remember the very first video I ever helped make was a Miami Vice spin-off called “Nashville Vice” when I was nine. My neighborhood friends and Read the Post

Disney Madness

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Obviously at Disney you do some ridiculous things for your kids. We’ll pay six dollars for a coke. We’ll put on ponchos and walk through downpours to get to the Read the Post


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This morning we’re leaving for the vacation of a lifetime. A week at Disney World with the boys. They’ve never been and I haven’t been since I was like 10. Read the Post

Your Favorite Decade

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Gage had his first school dance the other day. It was actually a 50’s theme day at Kindergarten which featured a “sock hop.” I’m not exactly sure but I think Read the Post


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Got the opportunity to spend the evening with some friends of ours who own a farm just outside of Nashville. Few things make me more happy than getting out of Read the Post