Merry Christmas From The Wilsons

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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each one of you who regularly visits this blog. Over the past two years you guys have become an important part of Read the Post

Has The Church Abandoned Christmas?

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Time magazine published an article online last week entitled “Going to Church on Christmas: A Vanishing Tradition.” In my opinion the article tried to say that churches have “sold out” Read the Post

Love Becomes A Luxury

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While this is my favorite time of the year, I know it can be a difficult to navigate for many. With only 9 days left the “Christmas Season” is in Read the Post

We’re So Stinking Close!

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We’re so close! For 5 years we’ve tried to get a single picture with all three boys in Santa’s lap. In 2006 we got really close but at the last Read the Post

Is It Possible To Overparent?

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Is it just me or does it seem parents these days put more pressure on kids than ever before? We push them to walk by age 1. We desire they Read the Post

A God Who Stoops To Ludicrous Depths

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It’s amazing how many of these Nativity scenes I can pass during this time of year and rarely, if ever, think much about it.  It’s sad, but in many ways Read the Post

My Top 5

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I know, I know… I just did a post yesterday that mentioned Christmas but I can’t help it. All you scrooges can now move on to the next blog. 🙂 Read the Post