A Deadly Game

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I was driving home last night from speaking  at staff and spouses retreat for Long Hollow Baptist Church located in nearby Hendersonville, TN. Long Hollow is an amazing church that Read the Post

Is It Still Possible?

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Yesterday at the Cross Point Nashville campus we continued our DNA series by talking about three phrases which sum up the kind of community Jesus created while on earth.  At Read the Post

Waking Up In Vegas

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I’m out in Vegas for a few days with Brandi (and Jenni and Merlyn) to spend some time with the folks from Central Christian Church. I’ve been following them for Read the Post

My Nagging Narcissism

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So, yesterday I received one of those nasty (at least in my opinion) comments on the blog. Criticism is nothing new in my life. I’ve been in ministry since I Read the Post

Church Picnics Are Such A Thing Of The Past

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I know you guys get tired of hearing me say this, but I absolutely love the fact that God allows me to be a part of this crazy community we Read the Post

The Antitheses of Spiritual Growth

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I love my community group. I love the… conversations prayers laughter and sharpening that happens when we’re together. Last week was our last meeting before our summer break. We just Read the Post

The Art of Possibility

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My oldest son Jett is getting ready to finish up his regular season of baseball before heading into the tournament.¬† His team hasn’t done so hot this year and is Read the Post