2 Things Most Christians Are Good At

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It’s never good when dad can’t make a baseball game. Because then mom has to take video. And when mom takes the video that means something bad is going to…

Empty Promises Book Trailer

Empty Promises Book Trailer

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Free Empty Promises DVD Study

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Life is a journey. It’s a journey that began the moment you were conceived and it will continue throughout your existence. There are certain things your soul longs for on…

Last Ditch Effort

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The most intimidating part of our trips to India is not the preaching. Hands down it’s the Backyard Bible School stuff we do with the kids. To be successful at…

Juggling, Raising Goats, and My Garden

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There’s a great new resource out there for churches and pastors called Ministry Matters. Their site is full of all kinds of tools including blogs, articles, message illustrations, and worship…

Favorite Movie Line Ever

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I thought I would take us to a deep theological place today and talk about our favorite movie lines. I’m going to be showing my inner 80’s here, but my…


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The great thing about having friends who blog over to your house is there’s a decent chance something will happen that they’ll blog. And when they do blog whatever happens…